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Sweet Potato Stew

Stew in pumpkin bowl with bread on side

Nothing says Autumn like a hearty stew! This is a very easy recipe to make in your slow cooker. Just chop, season, add to the cooker and dinner will be waiting for you at home. Don't forget a nice crusty rustic bread to sop up all of those flavors.

Stew in pumpkin bowl with bread on side

The beauty of stew, soups and chili's is that you can add anything you like and take out anything you don't like in the recipe. I try to use ingredients that add a deeper flavor like fire-roasted tomatoes instead of plain tomatoes.

Table set with pumpkin bowls filled with stew and bread


  • Try beef , chicken or vegetable bouillon cubes for a richer flavor.

  • Use broth instead of water

  • Add beef chunks, chicken or turkey. Make sure to brown the meats first.

  • Instead of black beans, try kidney, Great Northern, cannellini or navy beans.

  • Add corn, parsnips or turnips.

  • Try an array of carrots. I like orange, purple and white.

Don't forget to test the stew in the last hour of cooking. Add any extra ingredients needed so the flavors can marinate into the vegetables. I added smoked paprika, garlic flakes, salt and black pepper.


No slow cooker? This stew can be made on the stove while you're at home. Use a large pot, preferably cast iron so the heat is more evenly distributed. You may need to add more liquid during the process especially if adding meat to the recipe. There is less evaporation using a slow cooker. Both methods require meats to be browned first. For stove top, beef is browned, then onion and garlic sauteed before all other ingredients are added. For step-by-step using beef chunks on the stove, visit Once Upon A Chef.

Close up of stew in ceramic pumpkin bowl

Sweet Potato Stew freezes well so you always have something warm and hearty to eat on those cold Autumn and Winter days. Stew can be frozen for up to 3 months.



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