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Coloring is a great way to de-stress and calm anxiety. Studies show the simple act of taking attention away from ourselves, and focusing on the task at hand, is like a meditative exercise. The repetitive act of coloring, and the colors themselves, has a calming and soothing effect on the brain. Coloring has been great for me as an artist in reducing my stress and anxiety levels. I truly believe in it!


So try turning off your electronics and give markers, Crayons and colored pencils a try!

M.RHODES.IMG_5662 copy.jpg
The Magic of Butterflies
Coloring Book

I buy my art supplies from Blick Art Materials! I am an affiliate so when you purchase by clicking on the image, you support me as an artist and also a company that supports the artist community.

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Nourish and Flourish Magazine Gourd Cover
Nourish and Flourish Magazine Salmon Cover
Nourish and Flourish Magazine Chicken Cover
The Allure of Chocolate Magazine Cover
Nourish and Flourish Magazine Chocolate Cover
Tales and Treats Magazine Cover with Puppy

For printed editions, order back issues while supplies last!

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