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Pumpkins Everywhere

Pumpkins and gourds in Autumn

We worked hard on Volume 4 of Nourish and Flourish magazine and it's now at the printer! I’ve shot many, many pumpkins and gourds for two of our stories. There are so many variations, colors and medicinal values. I’ve had a great time with this story and can’t wait for you to see it in print.

Locally, we have a magical place called Scottsdale Farms. It's so beautiful inside with seasonal decorations, Christmas trees outside, and of course, Santa will be stopping by soon. It makes me feel like such a big kid during the holiday season. I visit the farm throughout the year as they have many events.

I shot the majority of the pumpkins between 9:00am and 10:00am, East Coast time. The light is really perfect this time of year and it offers many set up options.

Here is the final "buy local" spread in Nourish and Flourish, Vol 4.

Get your copy by ordering directly from our online store!!

Tear sheet from magazine of Scottsdale Farms


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