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Farmer's Market Opener

People walking through market

Saturday was opening day for the Alpharetta Farmer's Market! I really miss it in the winter months. There are so many amazing vendors, 100+ every weekend, I find myself counting the days until it's back on. It's also a good marker that Spring is here. North Georgia had a cold snap so there were a lot of coats and scarves but the community was out in force to support the market.

Artifex Coffee

I have a few favorites I buy from weekly. One, many of you have seen before, specialty coffee roaster, Artifex Coffee. They are lovely people and offer a great cup of coffee. I use their coffee quite a bit in my chocolate baked goods. Coffee and cocoa are similar in flavor, having a slightly bitter taste. However, when used together, they improve each other. I use it in brownies, chocolate cake and enjoy a cup to start my day. Their focus is on wholesale, and you can find their coffee in many of the businesses in the greater Atlanta area, but retail customers can purchase directly from their website, too. Their coffee makes a great gift. I'm a fan of the Blacksmith Dark Roast!

I used Artifex Coffee in a photo shoot last year using brownies and chocolate syrup.

Circle A Farms

Another vendor I purchase from every Saturday, Circle A Farms of Cumming, Georgia. They grow the best lettuces I have ever tasted! The Spring Mix is like eating air. I'll be honest, lettuce isn't my go-to food. My discovery of Circle A changed that with their delicious, nutrient rich lettuces hydroponically grown.

Hydroponics uses clean water (1/10th less water than soil grown), is grown in a controlled environment, does not come in contact with soil, and the process feeds the plants directly. I like pesticides and no contaminates from the soil like animal residue. I noticed a bag will stay fresh three weeks in my refrigerator. Buying directly from the farm, and avoiding greens trucked in to a supermarket, gives you the freshest, most nutrient dense produce. Try their fresh eggs and microgreens, too.

Man standing in market booth

Tito's Pet Bakery

I don't know about you, but I really visit the market for the dogs! The Alpharetta Farmer's Market allows well behaved dogs so there are many cuties taking advantage of free treats.

Zu loves family-owned Tito's Pet Bakery in Canton, Georgia. They make the cutest handmade, grain-free cookies. The treats are inspired by their rescue Pit Bull, Tito, who wrestled with tummy issues. I stock up on pumpkin, peanut butter sandwich and crunchy themed cookies. These are great gifts, too! I bought a couple of tins for friends at Christmas time. They're so beautiful there is usually a gasp when it's opened. Tito's offers doggie birthday cookies and cakes. Look for the cute pink tent at the market!

By the time I shot a photo of my purchases, Zu had already eaten the peanut butter sandwich cookie and two bone shaped treats.

Little Pecan Farm

Twp people standing in market booth

A newer addition to the farmer's market is the Little Pecan Farm of Davisboro, Georgia. This 22 acre farm has been growing pecans since 2017. Approximately 900 trees just had their first harvest in 2023. The farm also takes great care in managing the soil with white and red clover used as ground cover. Bermuda grass is also planted to help the microorganisms in the soil. In 2024, they will expand into a variety of vegetables, including tomatoes and squash, fig trees, peach trees, pomegranates and blueberries.

I grabbed a bag of raw pecans as I was making chocolate-pecan fudge for my mom's birthday. They have a wonderful flavor, a rich and buttery taste. Perfect to offset the sweetness of the fudge. Watch for them at the market and grab a few bags!

VJ Nature Photography

I was excited to see a photographer's booth at the market this season. VJ Nature Photography has a variety of beautiful prints. Photographer, Veronique Justina, was lovely and is very talented! She photographs birds, butterflies, trees, sea otters and more. Prints are available matted, framed, printed on canvas and metal. Stop by her booth and buy a few prints.

Female standing in market booth


On my way out of the market, I passed DutchCrafters, a leading retailer of Amish-made furniture. They had the most beautiful, hand-crafted chess set made out of rustic hickory. It was truly impressive and unique with jumbo size chess pieces. The company sources it's quality furniture from the Amish country of Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana. These pieces are American made and built of solid wood, made to be passed down to the ones you love. DutchCrafters emphasizes the importance of offering furniture made of reclaimed, recycled and responsibly sourced materials.

Man standing in market booth with large chess set

Opening day of the Alpharetta Farmer's Market was a big success! There were many new faces and many new product offerings from veteran vendors. The weather was perfect and the community was having a great time. Downtown Alpharetta is a beautiful backdrop for our thriving market. It's open from 8:30am to 12:30pm every Saturday. I'm already looking forward to the next one!

Market booths between buildings


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