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Turkey and Kale Meatball Dog Treats

Turkey meatball dog treats

Your best bud is going to love this recipe!! It’s super easy to make, only four ingredients, and easy to store.

If your pup doesn’t like kale, you can switch out the vegetable. Make sure the pieces are small or finely chopped. These are just a few suggestions I have tried with Zu.

  • Boiled carrots

  • Boiled sweet potatoes, slightly firm

  • Cooked broccoli

  • Cooked green beans

  • Spinach

I used coconut oil to line the baking dish, just enough to keep the meatballs from sticking. It’s an oil that’s part of Zu’s regular diet. You may substitute with olive oil or flaxseed oil but avoid vegetable oils especially corn oil and anything with soybeans. Even though your dog may be fine with peanut butter, avoid peanut oil. The molecular structure changes in the heat and dogs can develop stomachaches...same with heated butter. You may use a non-stick metal baking pan instead.

Ingredients for turkey meat ball dog treats

I’ve read that vegetables need to be cooked and pureed before dogs can digest them. Wolves usually get their greens from the stomachs of their kill. It’s pre-digested. In this recipe, I used frozen uncooked kale. It’s easy to smash into tiny pieces within the bag. Zu has showed no signs of being unable to digest any of the vegetables I give him a few times a week.

Raw turkey meat ball dog treats

Make sure the meatballs are cooked through, especially if you have small children in the house. If your dog eats a semi-raw treat then licks your child’s face, germs can easily be passed on. Always be careful when handling raw meat. Clean and disinfect your counter and utensils once the treats go into the oven.

German Shepherd eating turkey meat ball dog treats

Zu approved!!



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