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Doggie Birthday Beef Cake

German Shepherd eating his birthday cake

I can’t believe it was seven years ago I picked up this little 19 pound teddy bear and brought him home. Zu was so adorable. A friend was driving us back so I could bond with him in the back seat where he eventually threw up all over me. I knew in that moment, he was mine.

If you follow our doggie adventures, you know I feed Zu a raw food diet. However, he does get the weekly cooked food treat like hamburgers or turkey, plus a cake on his birthday. His favorite doggie “cake” is beef with sweet potato frosting. The recipe is super easy and it’s fun to watch your pup dive in. Because it can be a lot of food, even for Zu’s tummy, I use a round cookie cutter to make the patties smaller before building the cake. Zu gets the leftovers during the week.

Ingredients for a dog birthday cake

I found 4-inch mini cake pans at Home Goods for $2 each. They are also available at Amazon. You can also bake this recipe like a meat loaf in one pan. Just watch your baking time so you don’t overcook.

Beef patties for a dog birthday cake

You may use a potato masher or fork to mash up the sweet potatoes. I used a small icing spatula to spread the sweet potatoes evenly onto the cooked beef cake.

Assembling dog birthday cake

Using frozen peas makes it much easier to decorate.

Doggie birthday cake with sweet potato, beef and peas


  • Add 1/4 cup of shredded cheese to the recipe.

  • Change out peas and carrots with other vegetables your pup loves.

  • Decorate with frozen blueberries.

  • This cake can be made with raw beef as well.

German Shepherd licking his birthday cake

Happiest dog in the world!!

German Shepherd eating his birthday cake



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