Hot Chocolate-Marshmallow Cookies


I came across this great recipe on Like Mother Like Daughter. Please check out this mother-daughter duo for some great recipes! It was easier to make than I thought. It makes a nice cakey dough and has a rich chocolate taste. The only change I sometimes make is adding 1 teaspoon of espresso powder. It’s even more dense with a slight brownie consistency. I love coffee so I add it to baked goods a lot.

When I first made the recipe, I took large marshmallows and cut them in half to add to the top of the cookie. Now, I use small cookie cutters to shape them. After they cook with the marshmallow for that last 3-4 minutes, I hit broil and toast the tops. I do this with the door open so I can monitor the amount of toasting. They can burn very quickly.

The final cookie really does taste like something you would make fireside. My friends and family love these and I include them in my Christmas goodie gift boxes to them.




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