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Last updated: August 25, 2021


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U.S. Copyright Law (Title 17), amended by Congress December 27, 2020, states that upon a willful infringement of copyright, Photographer (Morgan Rhodes Photography) may seek monetary damages of up to $150,000 per infringement, plus the cost in attorney’s fees. Learn more at https://www.copyright.gov/title17/ .


The 1998 enactment of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) expands existing copyright laws in the United States to include the internet and digital media and conforms with the requirements of internationally ratified treaties and the World intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), of which the United States is a member.

Three main updates to the DMCA: 

(1) establishing protections for online service providers in certain situations if their users engage in copyright infringement, including by creating the notice-and-takedown system, which allows copyright owners to inform online service providers about infringing material so it can be taken down; 

(2) encouraging copyright owners to give greater access to their works in digital formats by providing them with legal protections against unauthorized access to their works (for example, hacking passwords or circumventing encryption); and 

(3) making it unlawful to provide false copyright management information (for example, names of authors and copyright owners, titles of works) or to remove or alter that type of information in certain circumstances.

A DMCA takedown notice may be sent to a company, search engine, ISP or web host informing them the material they are hosting or linking to infringes on a copyright. If the material is not taken down, the ISP can forcibly take down the content. 

We are committed to protecting copyrights and require all users of Morgan Rhodes Photography to do the same. If you feel any material used on our website infringes your copyright, please contact us directly (contact@morganrhodes.com) and/or file a DMCA takedown request. If you have received a takedown request from us, the DMCA permits you to send us a counter-notice.  https://www.dmca.com/Takedowns/DIY.aspx?ref=solc54c

The DMCA allows the filing of an infringement lawsuit in federal court. Civil and criminal penalties may include imprisonment for up to 5 years, and fines up to $500,000, for willful infringement. To learn more about the DMCA, please visit  https://www.copyright.gov/legislation/dmca.pdf.


Morgan Rhodes Photography, and its content, is owned by Journey Blue Media, LLC. All rights reserved. All trademarks and service marks on this site not owned by us are the property of their respective owners. All trademarks, trade names and service marks owned by us, whether registered or un-registered, may not be used in conjunction with any other product or service that is not ours, reflects badly on our company or causes the public confusion. No information on this website may be used in any way without our expressed written consent.

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