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Bourbon Pecan Pie

Bourbon Pecan Pie overhead shot

Nothing says “holiday” like pecan pie. The taste of rich flaky crust, a gooey, sweet pecan filling with a touch of bourbon brings back childhood memories. Maybe not the bourbon part, but you get the idea. It’s a fairly easy pie to make and a big hit with family and friends.

For the crust, I used my Nana's recipe. It makes two 9-inch crusts but I used all of the dough for this pie. I like thicker crusts.

Unbaked Bourbon Pecan Pie being assembled

Try arranging halved pecans to form a design on top.

Piecrust edges crimpled with fork

Use a fork for added design.

Once you’ve made your pie filling, use pecan halves to make a design on top. I like to start with a cross in the middle and continue to add…like cutting a pizza. You can also start with a circle around the pie’s edge and continue in a circle (spiral) until you reach the middle. Just make sure you have extras on hand. The two cups in the recipe will be in the filling. You do not have to make a design. That’s just something extra.

Toasted pecans on cutting board

I used local Georgia grown pecans. Check your own local growers. There are many types of pecans and flavors.

Leftover pie filling in small dish

Hang on to any leftover dough. If you have leftover filling, you can make a mini-pie and get a taste before the family gathering. Pie dish sizes vary so I usually have extra. Waste…nothing.

Bourbon Pecan Pie service for two with coffee

Nothing like getting together with friends and family for homemade pie and hot coffee.

Slice of partially eaten Bourbon Pecan Pie

I could hardly contain myself during this shoot, and yes, I ate this piece when it was over.

Sliced Bourbon Pecan Pie

Yummy goodness! Great with ice cream, too!



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