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  • Flank Steak Sandwich
    I’m really enjoying my Big Green Egg! I’m still learning but I’ve been able to make some tasty food lately. I was in the mood for a sandwich over the weekend with lots of flavor. Flank steak is one of my favorites for […]
  • Patriotic Strawberry Cake
    Holiday weekends can get very busy. With our communities opening up after the pandemic, we want to relax and really enjoy time together. I enjoy cooking for others but it’s nice to have a few recipes on hand that don’t take a lot […]
  • Bison Burgers
    Instead of going with standard beef burgers this weekend, I grabbed a pack of Maverick Ranch bison meat at the grocery store. Always look for a reputable rancher because much of what you see called “bison” or “buffalo” is actually imported Water Buffalo. […]
  • Cherry Pecan Crumble
    I’m looking forward to Memorial Day weekend and eating lots of good food with friends. I whipped up this recipe on my Big Green Egg for Nourish and Flourish. It’s so good with that added smokey flavor. This recipe can also be baked […]
  • Mixed Berry Pie
    Mixed berry pie is such a wonderful, fresh dessert to eat during the Spring and Summer. The local farmer’s markets are up and running again so there is a lot of produce available. Right now, it’s berry season so I’m using berries in […]
  • Zucchini Carrot Bread
    This is a healthier, heartier version of the popular breakfast bread. Great for hikes, too! It travels well. A little something to soak up all of that Easter sugar. INGREDIENTS I used organic zucchinis and carrots. I tried a mixture of golden, purple […]
  • Chocolate Cookies with Whiskey Cream Cheese Frosting
    These were a challenge to make as too much whiskey is overpowering and kind of changes the consistency of the frosting. Also, all of that taste testing can make one really tipsy. Instead of using all regular cocoa, I mixed in some black […]
  • Ina Garten’s Lemon Cake
    I really enjoyed trying this recipe! I love lemon “everything” in the Spring and this cake has a perfect balance. It’s similar to the classic pound cake…buttery, lemony but not too dense. Visit Ina’s website, Barefoot Contessa, for more great recipes! Make mini […]
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