Sweet Potato Truffle Dog Treats


After sniffing diligently, Zu has decided these sweet potato truffles are his new favorite. And guess what? No baking required. This recipe was inspired by my new favorite blog, Dalmation DIY. Lots of great recipes and toy ideas so check it out! I traded the pumpkin in the recipe for sweet potatoes. Zu isn’t a huge pumpkin eater though I do add some to his meals for better digestion. He does, however, love sweet potatoes.

Use a coffee grinder or food processor to grind the flax seeds and toasted coconut.

I used 2 teaspoons of the mixture to make the balls, then rolled them in the flax seeds and toasted coconut.

Not all need to be coated. Leave a few plain for variety.

Zu’s concentration is epic.

Officially approved by Zu as a new Zu Zu Snack.

I usually use oat flour in Zu’s treats so trying coconut flour is a nice change for him. It’s gluten-free and grain-free.

You can use organic canned sweet potato puree or boil a sweet potato. Make sure the canned version is plain and not filled with extra spices for pie fillings.

I did add a “sploosh” of turmeric, meaning no more than 1/8 of a teaspoon in this recipe. Turmeric is a warming spice so I don’t use it much in the summer. It can cause Zu to overheat in the Georgia weather. Now that the temperature has dropped, I’ve added it back in to his diet. Check out my previous post on Anti-Inflammatory treats to learn more about using turmeric.

Make sure you refrigerate the treats, up to seven days, or freeze for longer storage. Because of the coconut oil, they can melt a bit in heat.

UPDATE: When feeding these to Zu straight from the refrigerator, they were very firm and he wanted to swallow them whole. So, I break them apart first. Also, if you’re pup is not used to eating coconut flour or coconut oil, start with 1 to 2 treats a day and make sure there is no stomach upset.

Sweet Potato Truffle Dog Treats

Inspired by dalmatiandiy.com
Prep Time 20 mins
Refrigerate 20 mins
Total Time 40 mins


  • Large bowl
  • Small cookie scoop
  • Baking sheet
  • Parchment paper


  • ½ cup sweet potato pureed
  • 2 tbsp coconut oil warmed to liquid
  • a sprinkle of turmeric optional (no more than 1/8 tsp)
  • ½ cup coconut flour
  • ground flax seeds & toasted coconut for rolling


  • Prep small sheet pan with parchment paper or other pan. Set aside.
  • Combine sweet potato puree and coconut oil in a bowl.
  • Add turmeric (optional) and coconut flour, mix completely.
  • Scoop 2 teaspoons of dough at a time and roll into a ball.
  • Dip balls into flax seed and toasted coconut mixture until covered completely.
  • Leave a few plain for variety.
  • Refrigerate 20 minutes before serving to your pup.
  • Store in refrigerator, or freeze for longer storage.


Use organic ingredients when possible.
Course: Dog Treats
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  1. Jane Caruthers says:

    Looks good enough for me to have one! Lol

    1. I’m happy to make you a batch! Lolol. XO

  2. Thank you for sharing this recipe. It sounds and looks delicious, and extremely healthy as well. I have one question – about how long to you expect these to remain viable when they are refrigerated?

    1. Most homemade treats are good for 7-10 days depending on ingredients. In this recipe, 7 days would be a safe timeframe. I usually keep Zu’s cookie treats frozen and feed them to him straight out of the freezer. He likes them frozen and crunchy. These would probably be too hard. Thanks for the question. I will correct it in the post.

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