Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies


Happy Valentine’s Day! The day of love…and “Big Sugar”. I had a lot of ideas on what to tackle for my V-Day post. Though I’ve made sugar cookies with cream cheese frosting in the past, I had not tackled royal icing in a long time. I usually make a big mess in the kitchen and it takes up much of my day because I’m a perfectionist. Challenge accepted!

The cookie recipe is truly fantastic. I found it on The Recipe Critic. Take some time and check out this blog created by Alyssa Rivers. Lots of great recipes and photos! If you stick close to the 8 minute mark in the oven, the cookie is soft and melts in your mouth. I did leave out the almond extract in the cookie because I put it in the icing. I use high grade almond extract, but for me, it can feel a little strong when it’s in both the dough and the icing. If I were using cream cheese frosting, I would leave it in the cookie.

For the icing, I went to Sugar Hero. Most of what I know about sugar I learned from Elizabeth. Her recipes are detailed and there are videos to help with technique. Being that I have a sugar addiction, I visit her site a lot. The abstract zig-zag design was easy and I think it looks really good with pink and red. The marble design was the outcome of trying to make roses in each corner. The instruction was good but complete pilot error on my end so I just swirled everything together.

All in all, I think I did pretty well on the designs for my first time out. Yes, it was messy. I had icing oozing out of the top of the bags, it was all over the counter and I was wearing it down the front of my apron. Maybe I’ll try squeeze bottles next time. It took up much of my day so I’ll save the fancy cookies for special occasions.






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  1. The cookies look great. The icing bag sitch, however … 😀

    1. Thanks, Brian!!

  2. Johnnie White says:

    Oh Wow–these look great !! And I know they’re GREAT tasting!!

    1. Thanks, Johnnie!

  3. Jane Caruthers says:

    Gorgeous! Perfect for Valentine’s Day! ❤️

    1. Thanks, Mom!! I have some on the way to you!

      1. Jane Caruthers says:

        Fantastic! I’ll put the water on for tea!

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