Heart Cookie Dippers


It’s been a busy start to the new year! Honestly, January seemed to go on forever. I’m glad to be back in the kitchen just in time for Valentine’s Day.

I’m a dipper. I don’t know if it’s a Southern thing but I love dipping chips into chili, nachos…dipping pretzels into mustard…I just like that combination. Instead of making my usual heart sugar cookies, I decided to try them with the dipping format. Plus, the cookies and cream cheese frosting are easier to store. 

I used my favorite go-to sugar cookie recipe from The Recipe Critic. Once I finished combining the dough, I split it in half and added ¾ teaspoon of cocoa powder and ¼ teaspoon of espresso powder to one of the halves. If you would like more of a coffee taste, add more espresso powder. A little goes a long way so if you don’t like a hint of coffee, just stick with the cocoa powder.

I rolled the dough out ½ inch thick, instead of ¼ inch thick, so I would have a stronger cookie that could be dipped. I adjusted my baking time to 10 minutes.

Once the cookies cooled, and the cream cheese frosting was made, I scooped out the amount needed to fill my presentation dish and added pink food coloring. To make it look nice, I used a piping bag with a No. 1A Round tip and piped in a circular motion like I would on a cupcake. I then added sprinkles.

Being that Valentine’s Day is coming up, don’t forget about your pup who loves you unconditionally. Whip up a batch of Organic Peanut Butter Pumpkin and Oat Dog Treats (see my previous post)! Zu loves frozen food so I store his in the freezer. He gets a couple a day as training treats.

Did you make this recipe?

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