Springtime Vanilla Cake


Continuing with my “use up what’s in the pantry” theme, cake flour was next on the list. I joined Sally’s Facebook Group a few weeks ago. It’s been a great place to interact with other bakers, learn tips and see really amazing cakes. I was inspired by a post a few days ago of a beautiful tray cake. The cake was baked in a tin tray found in most grocery stores, then decorated in buttercream frosting with bright colors. It was really stunning and would be a great idea for parties and neighborhood gatherings. Being that I like to test things, I decided to bake mine in a dish, something more decorative.

I’ve never tried Sally’s The Best Vanilla Cake I’ve Ever Had. I love vanilla cake with vanilla buttercream frosting, or even with cream cheese frosting. I enjoy chocolate but vanilla has always been my favorite. Along with her cake recipe, I also used her recommended Vanilla Buttercream Frosting (included in cake recipe link). I hit a glitch in the baking process when, even though I made a half batch of the cake batter, it was still too much for the dish. My cake puffed up like bread.

After mixing the batter, use a whisk to remove any lumps.

I should have only used about two-thirds of the batter and baked what was left in a separate smaller pan. The cake cooked around the edges but not in the middle. So, now what? I decided to cut out the center and bake it separately for another 7 minutes. I did run the risk of the center piece being too dry. I added leftover Raspberry Simple Syrup to the entire cake and that took care of any moister issues. You can use regular simple syrup. I just happened to have raspberry in the refrigerator.

Visit my previous link on how to make Raspberry Simple Syrup!

AND, Voilà! The center is baked and back inside the cake. It doesn’t look pretty but if you’re baking for family, or yourself, the only thing that matters is flavor. If this had been a client bake, I would have started over.

That slice out of the corner was a test for dryness. Thankfully buttercream covers all mistakes.

Sally’s Vanilla Buttercream Frosting! Don’t forget that pinch of salt to balance out the sweetness!

It really is a beautiful cake. And, super easy to make!

I used tips 1M, 17, 18, 30, 106 and 107.

I use Wilton food coloring. Play with colors and tips, get creative!

Buttermilk really makes the cake moist.

This cake tastes amazing!

This cake really put a smile on my face. Spring has sort of gotten “lost in quarantine” right now. Do something that brings you joy whether it’s baking, cooking, reading, playing in the yard with your dog….. The next time you make a baking mistake, don’t throw it in the trash until you know for sure it can’t be salvaged. It’s always about the flavor. Practice decorating as it has been my saving grace many times.

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