Galaxy Cake


My neighbor takes great care of Figment when I travel so I wanted to find a fun cake recipe to say “thank you”. I found this really cute Galaxy Cake at Tastemade. It was very easy to make and felt like I was baking for a kid’s birthday party.

The recipe for both the cake and buttercream frosting have less sugar than I normally use. I would say the frosting is very much the classic recipe. The cake had a bit of a brownie consistency. At least mine did.

The video is very helpful on the site but I had more batter. I’m not sure if they used less for the video or if I messed up somewhere. So, I made two additional small 4-inch rounds for myself.

One other change I made was only stacking two layers of cake instead of three. I did add black food coloring to darken the cake but it didn’t seem to make much of a difference. Again, I seemed to have more batter so that was a possible factor. I found all of my sprinkles and stars at Michael’s. I love that place.

Even though the colors aren’t exactly like the actual recipe, I think it turned out beautifully. It would be a great cake for kids since it’s not super sweet and it’s really fun with the frosting colors, multi-colored sprinkles and stars. My neighbor loved it!

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